Hot smoked trout with Jersey potatoes

Serves 2

Preparation timeĀ less than 30 mins

Cooking timeĀ 10 to 30 mins

2 trout, gutted and scaled
1 lemon, cut into rings
225g/8oz demerara sugar
225g/8oz rice
8 tea bags

To Serve:
mixed leaf salad and Jersey potatoes
1. Tip the rice and sugar into a hot wok, tear open the tea bags and scatter
the contents over. Heat until smoking and cover with a piece of tin foil.
2. Season the trout and lay with the lemon rings over on the foil.
3. Cover the wok with a lid and smoke the fish for 15-20 minutes until
4. Serve with a mixed leaf salad and boiled Jersey potatoes topped with a knob of butter and a scattering of parsley.

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