Spinach roulade with cheese sauce

Serves 3-4

Preparation time 30 mins to 1 hour

Cooking time 30 mins to 1 hour

700g/1½lb fresh spinach
4 eggs, separated
pinch of nutmeg
salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the cheese sauce:
40g/1½oz butter
25g/1oz flour
275ml/½pt warmed milk
110g/4oz cheddar cheese, grated
pinch of nutmeg
1.25g/¼tsp cayenne pepper
salt and white pepper
extra grated cheese for garnishing
1. Preheat the oven to 200C/400F/Gas 6.
2. First prepare the spinach by washing it in several changes of water and then shaking off as much excess water as possible.
3. Put into a heavy based pan, without any water and cook quickly for 6 – 8 minutes. Then chop very finely.
4. Mix the egg yolks with the cooked spinach, and season, with nutmeg, salt and black pepper.
5. Whisk the egg whites in a separate bowl until they are moist in appearance and form soft peaks.
6. Stir just 1 tbsp of egg whites into the spinach mixture, and then fold in the remainder in two batches.
7. Put this mixture into a lined and greased swiss roll tin 20 x 30cm/8 x 12in and bake for 10 – 15 minutes until it is just beginning to brown.
8. Meanwhile prepare the sauce. Melt the butter over a gentle heat in a small saucepan, then sprinkle over the flour, and cook the roux for 2 – 3 minutes.
9. Then pour in the warmed milk and, stirring constantly, bring the sauce to the boil. When it is boiling, let it simmer over a gentle heat for 5 minutes.
10. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the grated cheese and season with nutmeg, cayenne and salt and pepper.
11. When the roulade is cooked take it out of the oven, turn it onto a clean sheet of greasproof paper and peel off the lining paper.
12. Then spread some of the sauce over the top and roll the roulade up. Do this first by folding over a small edge of the roulade and then use the greaseproof paper sheet to ease it into a roll. Do not try to roll it too tightly and do expect it to crack slightly.
13. Pour the remaining sauce over the top.
14. Sprinkle with extra grated cheese and put the roulade back in the oven for 5 – 10 minutes until the cheese has melted and turned brown.
15. Serve immediately.

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